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Our Moto & Impact

Based on the verse in 2 Tim 4.17

“The Message might be fully proclaimed, and all the Nations might hear it” 2 Tim 4.17

Becoming an arm of the Church in mercy ministries, evangelism & discipleship.

Our Philosophy Is

Based on the mission of Jesus

The philosophy of the ministry lies in the mission of Jesus (Is. 61: 1-3): He manifested the Love of God (v.1), in a platform of Mercy and Love, and then comes the announcement of the good news (v.2) and nourishment of the planting of the Lord (v.3). so, it is the love in action, love in words and growth in love.

Our Mission

To Raise up communities of Faith in All Nations, through Mercy ministries, Evangelism and Discipleship.

Our Vision

To reach out with the Message of the Gospel to the last, least and lost.


Through preaching the gospel clearly, by words and deeds.

Healing/ Restoration
Through the tent of mercy and medical ministry.
Through growth in discipleship and church growth, fulfilling the prayer of Christ (that they may all be one John 17:21)
Through locals who received the Christ as Lord over their lives, and apply the Christian principles into their community.



Training & Discipleship

- Speaking engagement in more than 20 countries with several ministries.- 1200 + attended our conferences, more than 35 nations from all continents.- 1500 + were trained in our courses, we had a portfolio of 12+ courses on Evangelism, Missions, Apologetics, life coaching and discipleship.- Discipling a group of 70 committed youth in an extended program of 4 years cycles.- Taught Apologetics and Missions in the Anglican seminary in Cairo, Alexandria and Menia.


- More than 100 episodes still available through TV & Social Media. No Names Mentioned (26 episodes- 30 min. each), Microphone (24 live episode- 1 hour), both on Miracle Channel, together broadcasted 2000+ times, with 1.5 Million views on Facebook, and 5 thousand responses leading to Follow Up.- Several Programs like Dear God (6 episodes), apologetics (17 episode): on Kingdom Sat, click here, and conferences.- In addition to episodes with Phila-Cam on Sat-7, Radio Basra in Iraq & many others.

Mercy & Evangelism

Mercy: reaching 5000+ people with the love of Christ (orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes)Evangelism: reaching 40K in over 40 places & sending evangelistic teams to tens of families, and sent missions to nations in MENA and Europe.

Ambassadorial Role in the Trans- Christian World

Connections to the Anglican Communion, Lausanne consultation, on board of the Evangelical Fellowship of Egypt, represents EFE in WEA General Assembly, on the Executive leadership team of the Global Mobilization network. (GMN) in addition to serving other ministries to accomplish their training and mercy vision in Egypt.
Our Beliefs &

Statement of Faith

We believe in the Nicene Creed, Lausanne Covenant, and the conservative Evangelical Faith.

We believe in the One Triune God, Divinity of Christ, His incarnation, necessity of the atonement, the authority of the scripture. We believe in salvation by grace through faith. We believe in the Holy Spirit, and in the church, in the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and in resurrection of conservative evangelistic beliefs. We believe that: “In essentials, Unity; in non- essentials, liberty; in all things, charity”

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