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International Council

Below is the Composition of MAN International Council (as of May 2021). The term for the International Council members is 2 years, renewable twice. The Term starts by Easter of the respective year. The President of Message to All Nations is an ex officio council Member.

Prof. Dr. Bert Souryal, M.D. (USA)

Ophthalmic Surgeon, Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology, George Town University, Washington D.C. - Chair

Mr. Peter Tadros, CPA (Canada)

Chairman and CEO, Tadros Professional Corporation, Markham, Ontario. – Treasurer

Mr. Peter Samir (UK & Europe)

SIM Europe, “How will They Hear” project

Dr. Sameh Aziz (Egypt)

Regional Director, Haggai International

Mr. Tim Klassen (Canada & AP)

CEO, Light of Hope Media (low profile, serves in Arab World)

Mr. Ryan Emis (USA & Malaysia)

Director of Global Consultations, Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization, World Evangelical Alliance Associate Director of Global Development, Directional team of Centre of Mission Mobilization

Rev. Dr. Rafik Wagdy, M.D.

Founder and President, Message to All Nations
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