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Brief History

The ministry started in June 2009 in Cairo, Egypt, by training youth on evangelism and missions, with special focus on medical ministry. The Ministry developed in the areas of training, evangelism, and mercy ministries, and we had speaking engagements in 20+ countries. We ran mercy and evangelistic outreaches reaching out with the love of Christ, primarily in Egypt, and sent missions to the region. Since 2016, the Lord opened the Media, social media, and Digital Worlds to reach the Majority World with the Message of the Gospel.

By Gods Grace, there are more than 150 episodes on the Christian Faith, Apologetics and Discipleship, that are still in broadcast on several Television networks and social media platforms.

MAN Founded

After graduating from Medical school in Cairo, the Lord opened the doors in ministry to train other medical students in evangelism, missions, and apologetics in Cairo. In a short while, God expanded our training and equipping audience to other believers outside the medical field.


Upon his return from Oxford, after finishing theological and apologetic studies there, Rafik was asked to serve as an adjunct professor at a local seminary in Cairo, Alexandria & Menia (2013), besides MAN ministry.

God began to open the doors for speaking opportunities in over 20 countries.

The Lord continued to grow MAN in training, evangelism, and mercy work; conducting several conferences yearly, and training courses on Evangelism, Missions, Apologetics and Discipleship. Besides a weekly discipleship meeting, mentoring a core group of leaders, hired staff and trained volunteers, lead mercy and evangelistic outreaches, and sent missions overseas.


The Lord opened the door for Rafik to teach on Christian television (the Miracle Channel) and to answer questions and objections on a program entitled, “No Names Mentioned”. 


By God’s grace, He opened the door to host a weekly live call-in program called “Microphone”, also on the Miracle Channel.  Re-broadcasted 12 times weekly, there were more than 1.5 million views on Facebook and approximately 5,000 responses requesting follow up including army generals, street vendors, atheists, and Muslim seekers. To God be the glory!


The Lord opened the world of Social Media to us, and we prepared The Way Campaign; on Facebook, Instagram, website, and you-tube. The outreach campaign itself started right before the COVID-19 pandemic, and now by God’s grace, there is more than 50 thousand followers, 4Million views, and more than 1 Million minutes viewed. Glory be to God!


That brings us to the next, big open door! Al Karma TV network, a Christian media organization based in Los Angeles, asked us to participate in the launch of their new studio in Toronto by anchoring weekly broadcast to preach the gospel and teach the Bible. Through their extensive network of 14 satellites and 7 channels, the Al Karma TV network reaches 99% of the globe, is viewed by millions of people worldwide (100 M), over 1.7 Million followers on Facebook and Twitter, with platforms on YouTube, Roku and Apple TV. Al Karma TV has 48 phone lines for follow up and receives 2.5 Million requests per month, over the various means.

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