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Broadcasting Live TV Episodes from Al Karma TV Canada Studio (Toronto)

In partnership with Al Karma Network covers 99% of the globe on 14 satellites and 7 channels, with 1.7 M Facebook Followers and a potential audience of 100 million viewers.

Running the weekly live program “Steps Ahead”, broadcasting 60+ hrs. of live recording, that are displayed in real time on 3 channels and repeated on 4 channels twice weekly.

Preparing A New Live Program: focused on discipleship of Majority Background Believers.

In addition to a recorded program for youth on the issues of Christian Discipleship.

Long term goal: Working to connect with Learning Management System and Digital Church.

Social Media
The Way Social Media Outreach

The Way Outreach (Feb 20): a “series” of different campaigns of videos, posts, and quotes posted on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and a website, on discipleship and evangelism.

Facebook: with more than 7 million views and 1.6 million Minutes (26 thousand hrs) and 71,000 followers. On YouTube, there is more than 10 thousand hours of watching, and videos are subtitled into English & French.

In 2021 alone, we’ve received 23 thousand messages, 6.8K comments from 4612 unique person. The partnering Follow Up team of MII followed up with 3164 people of them 926 are repeated seekers. As a result, 2277 pieces of Christian material were sent, 302 Bibles & 191 Gospel presentations, and some professed faith in Christ.

Church of the Nations

Growing a Digital Church among the unreached, with current focus on North African countries. The aim is to grow daughter churches on the ground in several countries in the region, with the potential of expanding into the Arabian Peninsula, Turkey, and diaspora (Europe & beyond).

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